Treasury Services

Remote Deposit Capture

With On-Site Banker, Impressia Bank’s remote deposit capture solution, you can convert checks into an electronic file and transmit from your location. As your financial services provider, We strive to offer the services that will better enhance your business. Scanning and submitting deposits from your place of business offers a more streamlined approach to day-to-day operations and provides additional peace of mind, knowing your funds are being deposited safely and securely.

  • Save time – no more traveling to the bank or standing in line
  • Low monthly charge, no per item fees
  • Scanner available at no charge
  • Installation and training provided
  • Same day availability of funds (Funds deposited prior to daily cut-off time.)


Simplify your accounts receivable process and improve funds availability.

  • Reduce mail float and turn receivables into available cash quicker
  • Remittances are picked up and processed daily
  • Online reporting allows for the capabilities to determine how best to utilize funds on deposit
  • Wholesale and retail options available, as well as custom reporting and decisioning modules
  • Pricing varies based on volume and processing options. Request a quote from your Treasury Management representative.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Impressia Bank offers Merchant Credit Card Processing for those businesses that are looking for the capability to accept major credit cards as payment for products or services rendered.

  • Local account support and management
  • Electronic, online and mobile options available
  • Help desk available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Paper supplies provided at no charge for one year
  • Equipment reprogramming and leasing available
  • Full Point-of-Sale solutions available
  • PCI support and data breach insurance
  • Seasonal options available
  • Cost: low set-up and monthly maintenance fees plus applicable processing rates

What is EMV®?

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006

Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants

PCI Compliance is every business owners responsibility. Visit the link below to ensure that you are up to date on your security standards.

ACH & Payroll Services

Impressia Bank’s ACH service, within Business eBanking, allows any business customer the ability to originate electronic transactions to or from any bank nationwide, whether they be direct deposit of payroll checks, direct payment of recurring obligations, transferring funds between accounts at various financial institutions or making tax payments.

Direct Deposit

Employees benefit from no more trips to the bank to cash payroll checks, and added confidentiality. Additionally, employees who have or open an account with Impressia Bank for their payroll direct deposit from a business using Payroll services will receive added benefits that go along with the Perks@Work Program.

Direct Payments

Electronic payments and collections are rapidly becoming the method of choice for paying obligations. Utility payments, insurance premiums, loan payments and club dues are all examples of types of direct payments. In addition, businesses have the option to initiate the collection of funds from customers, such as rent payments, utilities and dues.

Corporate Cash Concentration and Disbursement

Businesses can use this service to move money between their accounts at other financial institutions.

  • Cost Reduction – Fewer checks to buy and reduced check distribution costs
  • Increased Efficiency – Reduced time to print and sign checks, easier and quicker check disbursement, greatly simplified account reconcilement, reduced storage space for canceled checks, elimination of lost/stolen paycheck problems, fewer incorrect pay amounts from typing checks, easier payroll research
Added Employee Benefits
  • Top-Of-The-Line Free Interest Checking
  • First order of 150 safety paper wallet style checks at no charge
  • No-fee Check Card when making unlimited deposits and withdrawals at any sister division ATM
  • Automatic transfer of your deposit into any combination of a checking, savings, All Purpose Club, or IRA accounts
  • Visa® Gold Reward credit card available with no annual fee  (based upon credit approval)
  • Rate reduction off the current interest rate on certain consumer loans with automatic payment (based upon credit approval)

Positive Pay & Account Reconciliation

The impact of fraud can be hard on any business. With millions of transactions clearing through payment systems each day, businesses don’t have time or resources to inspect each one – and yet, it’s a threat that cannot be ignored. We have the answer. Positive Pay Plus is a powerful, proven solution to combat fraud. We only process what you tell us to, so fraudulent checks can be reviewed and rejected.

  • Reduces fraud – We only process what you tell us to, so fraudulent checks can be reviewed and rejected
  • Saves time and money – Reduces labor associated with manual check prevention measures

  • Convenient reminders – Get notices via email and/or texts when an item needs to be reviewed prior to being paid

  • Puts YOU in control – Provides more accuracy and greater control over your cash flow

  • Offers quick and easy access – Issue checks and ACH transaction and approve Positive Pay Plus exception items from virtually anywhere through Internet access

Visa® Business Credit Card Options

Our Visa® credit card options provide businesses with the power to make purchases at more than 24 million locations worldwide, with premium benefits that help save money and provide peace of mind.

ScoreCard® Rewards: Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in net purchases. Redeem points for gift cards, merchandise and travel!

Tap, dip or swipe – it is all up to you. Tapping to pay with your VISA contactless credit card can help you avoid touching surfaces at checkout. Each time you tap, your transaction generates a one-time code, making your transaction secure.

24/7 Account Access: Just visit, enter your credit card number and security code, and view your account balance, available credit, amount and date of last payment, minimum payment amount and due date, last statement date, cash advance limit, transactions posted since last statement, and more!

Cash Advances: Access your available balance by getting a cash advance with your credit card at participating banks worldwide. For easier cash access using your credit card personal identification number (PIN) you can get a cash advance from any ATM displaying the MoneyPass or Plus symbol.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Program: Should you need a rental car for business travel, be sure to use your corporate Visa Gold card — this benefit is provided by Visa at no charge to you.

Around-the-clock Assistance: You have access via a toll-free number to report lost or stolen cards, obtain balance information or recent account activity, and more! For around-the-clock assistance, call 1-800-423-7503.

Sweep, Zero Balance & Cash Concentration Account

Let your money work for you! Maximize your interest earnings while maintaining maximum liquidity.

  • Increase available funds to ensure maximum investment return
  • Reduce time spent manually transferring between and funding separate accounts
  • Easily reconcile accounts by referencing transfer details listed on monthly statements, AND in online banking 24/7!
  • Rest easy knowing that your outstanding items are being covered by your available funds

Corporate Purchasing/Fleet Card

With the Corporate Purchasing Card, CNB Bank provides a complete procurement, payment & expense management solution for businesses.
Stay in control of your employee credit card spending with our online solution that grows with your business, eZBusiness.

Visa® Corporate Purchasing Card

Purchasing Power with a Cash Rebate Incentive – Manage and track all card activity in real time and qualify for a percentage of the transactional spend back in the form of an annual cash rebate to the company. Plus you have the option to print your company logo on the cards.

Real-Time Online Control at Your Office
  • Card Ordering

  • Cardholder Credit Limits

  • Statements & Reporting

  • Payment

Monitor and Analyze Spending and Usage
  • Dollar Limits

  • Transaction Limits

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) Restrictions
  • Central & Individual Bill Available

  • Pay-In-Full via Monthly Self-Pay or Auto Debit

Data Extract Available for GL or Expense System Interface
Cash Flow Advantages
Purchasing Power
  • Expedite Procurement

  • Reduce PO’s for Small Dollar Items

  • Decrease Volume of A/P Payments

  • Pay your Vendors Promptly

  • Take advantage of Discounts

  • Empower Employees while Maintaining Controls

  • Gain Negotiation Power with Enhanced Reporting

Revenue Share
  • Cash Rebate Incentive

  • Tiered Percentage Based on Total Purchase Spend during Calendar Year

  • Paid Annually each January

Visa® Corporate Purchasing Card with Fleet

Fleet Prompts and Reporting – Extra security and more robust reporting with “pay-at-the-pump” prompts such as odometer mileage or driver ID number. Businesses can assign a card to a vehicle or driver, and limit to fuel only purchases if desired.

Services & Expenses
  • Travel Expenses

  • Maintenance
  • Equipment Repair

  • Office & Janitorial Supplies

  • Advertising

  • Dues/Subscriptions

  • Software & Equipment

  • Utilities

  • Lease Payments

  • HR Recruiting/Seminars

  • Contractors & Temporary Service

Additional Options
Pay-at-Pump Fleet Prompts
  • Assign Cards by Driver or Vehicle

  • Can be Restricted to Fuel Only Purchases

  • Additional Spend Controls Available

Customize with your Company Logo

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